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String Lights

Car Port:  $100

Large Covered (North) Patio:  $150

Small Covered (West) Patio:  $100

Main Hall:  $350

Paved Terrace (West) Patio:  $350

Labor and Delivery for String Light ONLY orders:  $500

Lighting Glossary

GOBO:  A template used to project light through onto a floor, wall, or ceiling.  This allows us to put your name in lights!

Pin Spots:  Lights used to accentuate centerpieces, cakes and desserts, or provide functional lighting on guest tables, bars, or buffet tables.  With a dedicated light on the the features of the room, there is a new depth and character highlighted!

Up-Lights:  Installed on the perimeter floor of the room, these are the lights that make the whole room glow with an ambient hue.  We have over 60 colors to choose from!

Wash:  Similar to a “Pin Spot” used to highlight important features of your event.  With a wider spread of light, these are more useful on big tables and large flower arrangements, bands, or dance floors where more “coverage” is needed.  We will help advise you!

Main Hall Lights

Wireless Main Hall Up-Lights :  $350

Wireless Large Patio Up-Lights:  $100

Ceremony Wash by Chimney:  $50

Custom GOBO:  $125

Band Wash:  $50

Dance Floor Wash:  $50

Cake Wash:  $25

Pin Spots:  $25 each

Labor and Delivery:  $750

On Site Operator:  $100

We highly recommend utilizing the option of an On Site Operator, as it will offer you peace of mind throughout your event, knowing one of our team members is on site.  It also saves you the cost of sales tax.
For Draping needs, we suggest contacting Events Plus Nashville at  Ask for Dechari.

Tucker's Gap Chandelier Options


Our chandelier schedule allows you to know what chandelier you can expect to be hung for the month of your event. 

If you would like to have a different style of chandelier for your event, you may pay a $750 chandelier swap fee and choose from our selection of chandeliers listed above to have them installed

2017 Chandelier Schedule

January-March:  The Guthries (2 on each end)

April-June:  The CJ's (3 down the middle)

July-September:  The Guthries (3 down the middle)

October-December:  The CJ's (3 down the middle)