New Inventory! Introducing the Astera Titan Tubes.

We are so excited to share that we have added something VERY special to our inventory! NEL is now the proud owner of 16 LED Astera Titan Tubes. We were eager to put these into use ASAP and got the chance recently at Richland Country Club. Let us tell you… they are WORTH THE HYPE. We transformed a pool deck and bar area into a south beach Miami night club right in the heart of Nashville. We had so much fun creating the design for this event with these Astera lights in mind. There is no limit to what the fixtures can do and no doubt they create extremely unique looks. The proof is in the pictures!

How do they work? The Titan Tubes are completely battery operated, meaning no cords and no power required! They can chase patterns, change colors, strobe, etc; all controlled through a simple app on your phone. Rain or shine, indoor or outdoor, these are the perfect fixtures to give any event that edge!