Saturdays at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Photos by Kristin Sweeting

Details. Details. Details.

We cannot stop thinking about this gorgeous set-up at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Every detail could not have been more perfect and we LOVED lighting every part of it.

To truly capture the beauty in every detail, we used one of our favorite fixtures, FUEL angle lights, a.k.a pinspots. These allow us to spotlight specific areas that totally deserve it; such as florals, cake, food, etc. These lights can also can provide a general wash over tables of any size or shape, bars, and more!

It was such a pleasure to collaborate with our friend, Angela Proffitt on such a timeless design.

New Inventory! Introducing the Astera Titan Tubes.

We are so excited to share that we have added something VERY special to our inventory! NEL is now the proud owner of 16 LED Astera Titan Tubes. We were eager to put these into use ASAP and got the chance recently at Richland Country Club. Let us tell you… they are WORTH THE HYPE. We transformed a pool deck and bar area into a south beach Miami night club right in the heart of Nashville. We had so much fun creating the design for this event with these Astera lights in mind. There is no limit to what the fixtures can do and no doubt they create extremely unique looks. The proof is in the pictures!

How do they work? The Titan Tubes are completely battery operated, meaning no cords and no power required! They can chase patterns, change colors, strobe, etc; all controlled through a simple app on your phone. Rain or shine, indoor or outdoor, these are the perfect fixtures to give any event that edge!

Shout out to our friends at Big Time Lighting Design

From time to time, we got to spread the word about other awesome companies that inspire us!  One of the best concerts I ever saw was the Black Keys at Hangout Fest in 2014.  The lights were so cool, all these old Par Cans, that created a super rock 'n roll look.  This look was designed by Eric Cathcart of Big Time Lighting Design!

Since then, we've had the great pleasure of collaborating with Eric Cathcart on a few projects around Nashville, TN, including our friend Luke Dick's band, Republican Hair.  Eric is an amazing designer for so many great bands!   Check out more of his amazing work with his company Big Time Lighting Design.

tbk 2014 10.jpg

St. Thomas Hospital Goes Blue for Grand Re-Opening

Here's one way to make a statement to your guests, upon arrival.  We used a fleet of LED lights and gobo patterns to create a dramatic effect at St. Thomas in Nashville, TN.  They were unveiling a newly renovated surgery floor, and they made sure to show it off to doctors, in style.

How we did it, tip of the day:  A white Gobo pattern, over a blue LED wash, made for a great entrance, from a typically cement looking parking garage.  

Copy of Geometric Shapes as a Ceremony Backdrop Feature Piece

How do you create depth, dimension, cool shadowing, and make your wedding ceremony one-of-a-kind at a fantastic Nashville venue?  We collaborated with our long-time friend Angela Proffitt on an amazing event at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN.  

Pro Tip:  Use an Ellipsoidal Light from the back of the room.  This will allow you to shoot light over your guests' heads, with a shutter cut feature, but still have the cool shadow look on the wall, similar to a gobo pattern.


String Lights at Bloomsbury Farms

How can you use string lights as a center-piece feature for your tent?  Here was a wedding that featured string lighting in a clear tent at Bloomsbury Farms, for a job collaborated on with Jessica Sloane, an amazing event planner in Nashville, TN.

Uplighting in trees and hanging a chandelier in the pavilion rounded out this look.  

Tip:  make sure when you are putting that many lights in a tent, that you have the capability to dim all the lights, so it's just the right ambience...