Battery Powered Lighting

We have multiple battery powered lighting options that eliminate the need for power, cords, and allows for lighting options in unconventional situations.

Astera Titan Tubes

Our battery powered Astera Titan Tubes are the perfect, most unique pop to any event. Between color-changing, pattern-chasing, strobe, and custom programs, the possibilities are endless.



Our battery powered up-lights last for 8 hours and deliver lighting in any color you can imagine, even UV.

Pin Spots

Pin spots are an investment to subtly add priceless value to your event. 

We recommend pin spot lighting for:

  • Cakes, food, and dessert tables

  • Lighting bar areas

  • Accenting centerpieces

  • Showcasing auction items

  • Highlighting head tables

  • Additional lighting impact with colored filters

Our pin spots are battery powered, and have a strong magnetic base for installation, so there are no messy cords.  They are controlled with a simple remote that affords the ability to turn them on, off, and dimming along with the mood of the event.



This option is great if you want a chandelier hung on any hanging point that would be a challenge to run a power supply to.  Our battery packs allow chandelier lights to be powered on, off and dimmed by remote control.